Preventive measures for coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

The organizers are taking all necessary measures to ensure that the event is safe for all participants and visitors.

The XV International Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia” is held in compliance with the guidelines of Rospotrebnadzor of Russia “Recommendations for the Implementation of Preventive Measures to Prevent the Spread of New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) during the Implementation of Congress and Exhibition Activities”.

To visit the event site, it is required to have a valid QR code from the Public Services Portal (confirming your vaccination certificate, certificate on past COVID-19 infection or a negative PCR laboratory test for COVID-19 coronavirus infection made no earlier than 72 hours before visiting the site).

You can take a test in any of the approved laboratories.

The list of approved laboratories may be found on the Rospotrebnadzor website.

Visitors are admitted to the event only after showing the badge/ticket for QR code reading.

Measures for the preparation and maintenance of the event site.

  1. The site has 2 entry and 1 exit zones with a width of 3 meters. There are signs and floor markings to direct the flows of participants. Directions are provided by the organizers.
  2. Thermal cameras to measure the temperature of visitors and disinfection frames will be installed at the entrance of the atrium of the Gostiny Dvor.
  3. Daily wet cleaning of the Exhibition Hall, stands, pavilions, auxiliary and public premises with disinfectants and preliminary instructions on the use of disinfectants will be provided before the start of the event.
  4. All contact surfaces in the public areas, exhibition pavilions and stands will be disinfected every 2 hours.
  5. The daily temperature monitoring of the employees and personnel will be performed before and during the Exhibition. The persons with any signs of high temperature will be suspended from work.
  6. Visitors and employees will be informed about the need to comply with safety precautions by transmitting text or visual information.
  7. Collection and disposal of used masks and gloves of visitors and employees will be arranged.

Measures to prevent epidemiological risks for visitors and participants of the event.


  • conducted online;
  • more registration stands and passages between them at the site;
  • no-contact ticket check;
  • at least 4 mask stands at the entrance;
  • hand sanitizers at each registration stand.

Transport of Russia Exhibition

  • hand sanitizer and masks available at the entrance to the exhibition and the entrances to conference rooms;
  • the number of people on the territory of the exhibition is limited to 2,000 persons at a time (including technical employees);
  • the number of representatives at stands is limited to 1 person per 5 square meters;
  • mandatory protective screens at registration and exhibition stands;
  • face shields are provided to forum participants;
  • floor markings;
  • specific time slots for visiting the exhibition:
    10.00 — 12.00
    13.00 — 15.00
    16.00 — 18.00

Transport of Russia Forum

  • three rooms for key formats (Colosseum, 2 conference rooms) with reduced seating: 250 seats in Colosseum (500 seats previously), 70 seats in conference hall 1 (150 seats previously), 50 seats in conference hall 2 (100 seats previously);
  • studio for online broadcasting with up to 4 speakers and up to 5 technical employees;
  • broadcasting of all events of the Transport of Russia Forum at;
  • online simultaneous interpreting;
  • online press center.